Staying on Track in 2018 With The BodyBoss Fitness & Nutrition Guides

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*This is a sponsored post in partnership with Body Boss, All opinions are my own.*

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We are already well into 2018 and hopefully if one of your goals or resolutions for the new year was to live a healthier life, you are sticking to it! As I’ve mentioned before (here and here) I lost about 60lbs last year after committing to clean eating and also consistent workouts. I’m here to say it was not easy, some days were really hard! I’m so proud and happy to be where I am now in life because of the changes I made. One thing I always think was how FAST a year went by. I will say that I too was ready for a little kickstart and to try something new in 2018. I was falling into some old unhealthy eating habits and I knew I needed a change pronto! Enter the Ultimate Body Fitness guide & Superfood nutrition guide that can really boost energy levels, fitness challenges and healthy eating. I’m already two weeks in and seeing great results!

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BodyBoss was sent to me and I was so excited to dive right in! The first booklet I opened was their fitness guide. The fitness guide is broken down into a pre-training program (4 weeks) and then four total cycles of routines (3 weeks each). Once you complete the pre-training then you can officially start their 12 week program. I opted to skip the pre-training program because I have already been working out in a consistent manner.I did glance through it and loved that they broke down the moves for you if you aren’t familiar with the names

Another reason I love the BodyBoss fitness guides is because the workouts themselves are based around high intensity interval training (HIIT), this is the fastest and most effective method to burn fat. I’ve done HIIT programs in the past but the BodyBoss routines really got my blood pumping. Each day is different and they break down exactly what should be done each day, I found this so helpful. I also really liked that for each day you workout they have a short warm up period with several moves and then after the workout there is some “cool down” moves that involve stretching, which is just as important as the workout itself in my opinion!

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BodyBoss has made working out at home a breeze! Everyday is broken down so effectively. You can order the online version, which gives you access to the online training program. You can also purchase the package which is the online version plus the 200 page booklet. I’ve seen amazing results in such short time frame. My energy levels are higher than they have been the past few months, especially in the afternoons. I love that I can also show my kids that leading a healthy and active lifestyle is so important.

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In addition to the fitness guide, BodyBoss also has a full nutritional guide. The guide centers around meal planning, in my experience I’ve also had great success when I plan out what I will be eating for breakfast/lunch/dinner and snacks everyday. Because most of us are busy, taking a few hours out of the day one day a week (I choose Sundays) to prep some food ahead of time will really save you when it comes to making healthy food choices. I feel pretty confident in my ability to make healthy choices but I really loved trying the recipes offered up in the BodyBoss nutritional guide.


Some of my favorites included the Bananarama Muffins, even my kids loved these! I added some extra walnuts to mine because I love a little extra crunch. Another breakfast favorite was the magic matcha pudding. I loved that this recipe was simple and I already had all of the ingredients called for! I topped mine with some shredded coconut, blueberries, and walnuts.

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For lunch I mostly stuck with salads or avocado toast, I also loved doing a quick smoothie. Body Boss offers an entire guide for smoothies and desserts.

For dinner my husband and I loved the keep on track quinoa. I was not sure what to expect with this one but I have a feeling this will be on constant repeat for dinner at our house. The healthy chicken pasta was another dinner time hit. This was one that was easily prepped on Sunday and we were able to eat throughout the week.

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Every now and then we deserve a cheat meal! I know when I crave something there really is no denying that craving in some way. Luckily, BodyBoss has you covered. They have a section devoted to approved cheat meals. I loved that I could still indulge in some of my favorite treats (peanut butter and pancakes) but still felt like I was making healthy choices and not totally blowing progress I was making.

Other great perks of the BodyBoss program was that they have a whole section where they break down exactly what you need to buy at the grocery store. For a busy mom like myself this is great! I could take the list with me and simply check off what I needed for any one recipe. I’m also a huge smoothie person and love testing and trying new ones. BodyBoss offered 100 pages devoted to smoothie recipes and healthy snacks (you know I love snacks!)

This program is something I wish I would have found a year ago. It really made me excited to wake up each day to see my next workout routine or excited for a meal that I was having that day. A healthy lifestyle should not be something that one hates or dreads. BodyBoss was kind enough to offer my followers an exclusive coupon code to their 12 week program! Just use code WITHLOVEMAMA at checkout for an additional 15% off any guide (valid until April).

Check BodyBoss out if you are feeling like you need some extra motivation, I assure you that you will not regret it!

Budget Friendly Mom & Mini Style

Please note that these items were gifted to me in exchange for my honest review. All opinions regarding the products are my own.*

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Truth Time: I love shopping! Like, a little too much, according to my husband. I am guilty of spending a little too much money on items from higher end stores but also dropping serious dough in stores that aren’t as costly. I just can’t say no to a good deal or a cute item that I feel I need to have in my life! Enter ThredUP, this is an amazing AND budget friendly secondhand website that is offering deals for both moms and minis!

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Mama & Mini Style on a Budget

My shopping addiction knows no bounds in regards to my children. I love finding unique items for my kids or paying a little extra for something of great quality that I think may last them a few seasons. Shopping is just something I love to do and like many women I don’t think it is going to change any time soon!

One thing I have always loved is second hand shopping. I have found unique pieces for our home & clothes for our entire family from garage sales, second hand shops, and Craigslist. Some of my most beloved items have come gently used! This is why I was so excited to work with ThredUP, which basically combines my love of online shopping and second hand scores.

ThredUP has looks for both mama and the little ones, which I love. They even let you sell your gently used items which is great for me because I am always trying to clean out my closet as well as my kids closet. Their homepage features deals as low as under $10! You can find anything from maternity items to jewelry to handbags and shoes on ThredUP. One of my favorite categories that they offer is their designer deals. Who doesn’t want to score designer and name brand items at a DEEP discount? I scored a gorgeous Free People shawl for less than $30!

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I recently was able to scoop some items up from ThredUP and let me just say, I was SO impressed by the quality. Sometimes when you by second hand you may question the overall appearance of the item, everything I got from ThredUP was exactly as described and looked brand new. It also came adorably packaged and had the “ThredUP” tag on it so you know it was checked for overall quality. I grabbed over $300 (retail price) in items for less than $150. Here’s a look at some of my awesome haul!

It is no secret that I am yoga obsessed. I was thrilled to find that ThredUP offered budget friendly secondhand LuLulemon. I am so obsessed with these turquoise capri length pants I found and they fit perfectly. I also scooped up a fun bright pink Fila top to complete the workout look. I am pretty sure I will live in this look all summer during the warmer months!  You can shop their current selection of active pants here & active tops here!

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Another look I want to share with you is one I am hoping to carry over to this spring and it incorporates my love of neutrals and stripes!

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How adorable is this Baby Gap dress I scored for Marley this summer?! For the kids I went looking for some bigger sizes that I want them to wear this spring/summer and this fit the bill perfectly. This dress could work this spring with some cute flats and a jean jacket. ThredUP’s girl department had so many adorable options for the little ladies!
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Another cute find for Marley was this swim suit cover up by Hanna Anderson. I had such a hard time finding a cute coverup for her last summer so I was thrilled to find an option that I LOVE at a deep discount in ThredUP’s girl department.

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I am also loving ThredUP’s boys department. It can be hard finding cute and stylish toddler and baby outfits for little boys but I was so impressed with the selection that ThredUP offers. I snagged a cute school shirt for Kellan and a new t-shirt for this spring and summer. Also, am I the only one losing my kid’s gloves on the regular? When I saw that ThredUP had a section for kid’s accessories I knew I had to grab an extra pair for the kids. We are always misplacing one (kind of like socks). You can never have too many pairs of gloves!

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If I haven’t convinced you yet that thread up is the best for finding budget friendly family clothing & accessories, I have a coupon that should do it! ThredUP was kind enough to offer my readers 35% off all first-time orders up to $50 per order to the first 300 users. Just use code WITHLOVEMAMA at checkout and watch the savings pile up! Please leave a comment below if you score a great deal! Happy Shopping!

The DockATot Grand & Toddlers

DockATot: Sleeping & Playtime Must Have!

One of the most highly sought after baby products of the last few years has been the DockATot. This is a game changer when it comes to keeping a baby cozy and comfortable while sleeping. The DockATot comes in two sizes: the Deluxe (used for ages 0-8 months) & the Grand (used for ages 9-36 months). I’ve heard rave reviews about the Deluxe so I was beyond excited to try out the “Grand” version for Marley.

DockATot Lounger

I love that the DockATot is multi-functional. Not only can it be used for sleeping but it is also a playtime lounger! It is made from 100% cotton and tested for breathability.

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Marley is 20 months old and most nights she is a great sleeper. There have been a few times shortly after her 18 month sleep regression where she seemed uncomfortable, especially at nap time. Since using the DockATot grand I can honestly say her sleep is so much better. She loves snuggling so this truly gives her that feeling while sleeping. We’ve had less restless sleep and longer naps which is always a mom win!

The DockATot has become a permanent fixture in our living room. I can set it on our couch and both kids climb up and ask us to read them stories. I also often place it on the floor so the kids can play with their toys in it! Kellan loves to pretend that it is his “firetruck” and Marley calls it her “boat”. It’s great when an item serves so many purposes, including an imaginative one!

I am excited to continue using the DockATot grand until Marley turns 3. We are planning on doing a lot of traveling this spring and summer! I love that our grand comes with a convenient travel bag which makes packing for travel a breeze. I am confident this will be key for sleeping while away from home.

Clearly Marley wasn’t the only fan of the DockATot! Both kids have been loving just sitting or laying together reading books or watching movies. I can’t say enough about how much this product has meant to our family! I truly think this is a such a worthwhile long term investment that can benefit your child during each stage of childhood.

Finally, I wanted to share a fun video of my husband and Marley playing. The DockATot has become a staple in our household, and if you are a parent with a child between the ages of 0-36 months I think this is such a valuable product to have, a true investment that pays for itself with family fun & a good nights/days rest!

*I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*