Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

I always love when bloggers share what they are currently loving, product wise. I find it super helpful so I hope to share a wide variety of things that I am loving (i.e. home products, health products, kids and parent products).

A little bit of suggestion never hurt no body…

Zoli Cup Sippy Cups

If you are not already using these cups for your toddler, get on board! They are available on Amazon as are the replacement straws. I used these with my son from 6 month – 2 years. Currently using them again with my daughter the help transition from a bottle.

Vital Proteins Collagen

I finally ordered this on Amazon after seeing it everywhere on my feed. I couldn’t be happier! No taste what so ever and I really feel like I am starting to see the results of consistently taking it in my hair and nails.

OPI Mimosa’s for Mr. & Mrs

I am obsessed with a nude/light pink nail and this is the perfect color. I was given this by a good friend when she sent me a bridesmaid’s box. I have since proceeded to paint every finger and toe nail with it.

With Love,

With Love

I’ve always wanted to start a blog. No time, too busy, kids are crazy, life is crazy. But the time has come, now my new struggle will be, what do I share? How much is too much and when do I draw that line? Will anyone read this?

I’m looking forward to answering these questions and for documenting my crazy yet simple life. If for no one, but myself.

I have two toddlers, a boy (age 3) and a girl (age 15 months). They keep my husband and I so busy yet SO happy. We live to seem them smile and laugh. I’ve been married for 5 years but together with my husband since high school. He is perfection in every sense of the word.

We also both work from home full time so we see each other A LOT. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

With Love,