The DockATot Grand & Toddlers

DockATot: Sleeping & Playtime Must Have!

One of the most highly sought after baby products of the last few years has been the DockATot. This is a game changer when it comes to keeping a baby cozy and comfortable while sleeping. The DockATot comes in two sizes: the Deluxe (used for ages 0-8 months) & the Grand (used for ages 9-36 months). I’ve heard rave reviews about the Deluxe so I was beyond excited to try out the “Grand” version for Marley.

DockATot Lounger

I love that the DockATot is multi-functional. Not only can it be used for sleeping but it is also a playtime lounger! It is made from 100% cotton and tested for breathability.

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Marley is 20 months old and most nights she is a great sleeper. There have been a few times shortly after her 18 month sleep regression where she seemed uncomfortable, especially at nap time. Since using the DockATot grand I can honestly say her sleep is so much better. She loves snuggling so this truly gives her that feeling while sleeping. We’ve had less restless sleep and longer naps which is always a mom win!

The DockATot has become a permanent fixture in our living room. I can set it on our couch and both kids climb up and ask us to read them stories. I also often place it on the floor so the kids can play with their toys in it! Kellan loves to pretend that it is his “firetruck” and Marley calls it her “boat”. It’s great when an item serves so many purposes, including an imaginative one!

I am excited to continue using the DockATot grand until Marley turns 3. We are planning on doing a lot of traveling this spring and summer! I love that our grand comes with a convenient travel bag which makes packing for travel a breeze. I am confident this will be key for sleeping while away from home.

Clearly Marley wasn’t the only fan of the DockATot! Both kids have been loving just sitting or laying together reading books or watching movies. I can’t say enough about how much this product has meant to our family! I truly think this is a such a worthwhile long term investment that can benefit your child during each stage of childhood.

Finally, I wanted to share a fun video of my husband and Marley playing. The DockATot has become a staple in our household, and if you are a parent with a child between the ages of 0-36 months I think this is such a valuable product to have, a true investment that pays for itself with family fun & a good nights/days rest!

*I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*

Lorena Canals Rugs

Best Rugs for a Living Space with Kids
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I know many of you can relate to feeling the “decorating itch” in your own homes. After the Christmas decorations went down I was feeling a little tired of how our living room was looking. Enter Lorena Canals Rugs and this space was instantly transformed!

Our living room space is really a multi-functional space for our family. My kids run and play with toys in this area (we always have baskets of their toys in the area). We also use this space to watch movies or Football on Sundays and after the kids are in bed my husband and I like to tuck the toys away and light a fire in the fireplace and enjoy the quiet with a glass of wine. I love that the Lorena Canals rug can transform the room and works with both this being a place my children play and also a sophisticated spot for adults only.

Additionally, to update this room we’ve added in some new mantle decor. The space is feeling fresh for the new year but I still don’t feel like it is completely finished as we want a new couch. We’re still on the hunt for the right one!

Best Rugs for a Living Space with Kids

In the mean time one thing I am confident that fits the space perfectly is this amazing Lorena Canal rug. What initially drew me to this brand is that these rugs are machine washable (say what!?). You mean my kids can spill oatmeal and milk on it and I can just toss it in my laundry machine? Count me in! The variety of rugs they offer is truly so amazing and I had such a hard time narrowing it down. I loved so many of the rugs they have available!

In addition to these being low maintenance and easy to clean rugs, Lorena Canals also donates a portion of their proceeds to the Sakula Project and provides schooling to children in India. The rugs are made in India and designed in Spain and they are made of all natural dyes, handmade, eco, and contain no VOCs like most carpeting and rugs. Since this area of my home is a spot my children lounge or play in often, this was very important to me!

*While this rug was gifted to me all opinions are my own.*

Eating Healthy While Traveling

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The new year is here and many have made the resolution to start dieting or exercising. I’ve talked about how in the past year I made the resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle which resulted in me losing 60lbs and dropping multiple dress sizes. This didn’t happen overnight and it definitely wasn’t a quick change. I made minor small lifestyle changes over time that really helped me shed the pounds.


I think one of my most important tips is CONSISTENCY. You have to be consistent when it comes to your diet and exercise. I don’t think you need to work out daily, but I do think eating healthy 80% of the time and “cheating” 20% of the time is a great ratio.

I’ve talked about healthy snacks I love here and healthy breakfast ideas I love. Now, I want to talk about how to maintain that healthy eating consistently on the go! This can mean something different to different people. Maybe you have to make a quick day trip for work or maybe you’re going on vacation with your family. I try to maintain healthy eating even while traveling. Now, with that said I definitely think that if you are on vacation and you don’t want to pay attention to what you eat, by all means one week is not going to be a deal breaker. You have to listen to your body!

I recently went on a long weekend trip with my husband and I want to share some ideas of “healthier” eats that i packed for myself or ate when out.

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Pictured above you will see I tried to stay pretty clean with my meals out. I ate lots of veggies and egg whites for breakfast one morning at our hotel. For dinner I opted for a side of steamed veggies in lieu of french fries. I ordered the chicken wrap for dinner and requested no cheese or dressing on the wrap. These extras can add up to a lot of calories!

One tip I have is to always eat at home before you go to the airport. My flight left at 6:05AM, which means we were up before 3:30am getting ready. I popped a quick protein waffle in the toaster and grabbed an orange. I also grabbed my favorite water bottle to pack in my carry on. So many airports have water filling stations you can fill your water bottle up at, I learned about this the last time I flew and I must say, I’m a fan!

#eatingonthego #traveling
For myself I packed multiple NuGo protein bars. These are my favorite protein bars, I eat one almost daily. The Dark chocolate variety is amazing, so many different flavor choices. Not only are they high in protein they are also vegan, gluten free and non-GMO. I could not be more obsessed with these bars. If you want to try some for yourself you can check out a store locator map to see where to buy these near you!


Thanks to NuGo for providing me with their Dark Chocolate variety pack in exchange for this post.