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Do you stick to your new years resolutions? This year I decided to give it a try. . .

I was sick of feeling uncomfortable and self conscious. I felt unhealthy and wanted to make a change and commit to living a healthier lifestyle. I can honestly say this past year has been a challenge but I feel more confident and happier than ever.

Because I chose to make this change, it obviously directly affected my family. Whenever possible, I try to get my whole family active! This doesn’t mean going to a gym, we love taking outdoor walks through our community trails, playing hide and seek outside, or exploring local playgrounds. In the winter we visit indoor gyms and bounce houses with the kids and not only is it a great activity for them it also tires them out!

This past summer Kellan turned 3 and I  knew I wanted to sign him up for soccer. This has been so great for him! He gets to run around one night a week and also gets a chance to interact with other kids his age. We are keeping it going and have him signed him up for the fall and winter leagues. As soon as Marley turns 2, I would love to enroll her in dance classes!

One product that is awesome for active families or even families that are often on the go, is the Nuby Snack N’ Sip cup. We love to take this cup with us on walks or to soccer practice. I stuff the cup with goldfish, puffs or raisins for the kids and it doubles as a sippy cup! I love that it is BPA free and spill proof.

How do you and your family stay active and what are your must have products for active lifestyles? I’d love to read any suggestions in the comments!

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I received part of the products mentioned above for a review, but all opinions are my own.

Friday Favorite’s Featuring Nuby…

In our house we go through different style cups and sippy’s pretty frequently. We have two very different children who are at different “phases” of cup needs.

I’ve used Nuby products for my children for a few years now and I know their products are made to withstand two very active toddlers.

Marley has just transitioned from a bottle and has strictly been using a straw “sippy” cup. I was excited to introduce her to the Nuby 360 Wonder cup. I couldn’t believe how fast she started using it! This cup is BPA free, durable and comes in so many adorable designs for boys or girls. We obviously went with #pink. You can find these cups at Babies R’ Us!

Kellan has also used many different style cups throughout the years. He has recently started his fall soccer league and I really wanted to upgrade him to, what I liked to call, his “big boy” sippy cup. In truth, this is Nuby’s flip-it cup and it’s awesome! He loved the shark design and the flip-it lid. I love how durable it is and also how it really feels like the “next step” up in his cup game.  I mean, who does this kid think he is looking like a 13 year old?!

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I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

I always love when bloggers share what they are currently loving, product wise. I find it super helpful so I hope to share a wide variety of things that I am loving (i.e. home products, health products, kids and parent products).

A little bit of suggestion never hurt no body…

Zoli Cup Sippy Cups

If you are not already using these cups for your toddler, get on board! They are available on Amazon as are the replacement straws. I used these with my son from 6 month – 2 years. Currently using them again with my daughter the help transition from a bottle.

Vital Proteins Collagen

I finally ordered this on Amazon after seeing it everywhere on my feed. I couldn’t be happier! No taste what so ever and I really feel like I am starting to see the results of consistently taking it in my hair and nails.

OPI Mimosa’s for Mr. & Mrs

I am obsessed with a nude/light pink nail and this is the perfect color. I was given this by a good friend when she sent me a bridesmaid’s box. I have since proceeded to paint every finger and toe nail with it.

With Love,