Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already next week! Christmas and the holidays will be here before we know it and then 2018, it’s basically March 😂

I’ve teamed up with PinkBlush to share two outfit ideas with you for Thanksgiving. Now, if you celebrate like my family then you keep it low key, casual and comfortable. Many celebrate with bigger more formal gatherings. I have attended such gatherings and they can be a blast too!

Let’s start with the more dressy look

This off the shoulder top is so cute. I loved that the material was soft enough that I didn’t feel uncomfortable in it. I really think this is the perfect fall top, the colors scream fall! The bell sleeves add a little something extra and unexpected. I paired this look with dark jeans and tall dark boots. I also added a cute hat for a little twist!

The next look is a little more comfortable, possibly for a smaller family gathering


This cardigan can be worn so many ways which is one reason why I love it! You can wear it open and draped, the fringe is such a pretty detail. You also have the option to button one or both sides for a more closed off look.

You really can’t go wrong with either of these options! PinkBlush uses such great quality fabric for their products which is always key when choosing a great outfit! Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving🍁

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration #prettyinpinkblush #pinkblush

Bloopers are fun too 😂

A Day In The Life

I get asked often how I manage to handle my family, full-time job, and my recent blogging growth. I won’t lie, it’s not easy! Some days are harder than others. I decided to track what a typical “day in the life” looks like for me. This past Monday, I tracked how my day looked.

Take a look below at just how crazy my days can be!

5:00AM- Wake up, I like to wake up about an hour before my kids. I use this time to catch up on my social media. I reply to Instagram direct messages and comments, complete Facebook group threads and reply to any comments on my blog. This time is critical to me having less stress as I tend to wake up with quite a few messages to catch up on and I don’t like to sit on them.

6:00AM- This is about the time my kids wake up, my husband and I tag team getting them ready for the day. My husband cooks their breakfast (usually oatmeal) and I get them dressed.

BlaBla Kids Elephant & PJs & Blanket c/o Kyte Baby

6:45AM- My husband and I load the kids in the car to get them on their way! Today our son Kellan, has nursery school. First my husband will drop off our daughter Marley, at her babysitter. Then he and Kellan usually run errands or grab a bagel before he gets dropped off at school.

7:00AM- Workout. I love to begin my day with a workout, this helps clear my mind. Today I chose yoga. I alternate between running, yoga, HIIT workouts, or toning moves.

7:30AM- Hopped in the shower and then sign on to work. I work from home full-time, so I like to get a head start most days.

7:45AM-8:30AM- I use to this time to again get caught up on social media and post my Instagram picture. I plan my posts out in advance so I am able to go to drafts on Instagram and simply click the photo I have prepared and post. I also use this time to edit posts going up this week and reply to emails.

8:30AM- Start working, I have to catch up on work emails from the weekend and make a few calls.

9:00AM- Today we actually had a parent/teacher conference at my sons school. My husband stopped and picked me up so we could head on over to his school.


9:15AM- The meeting was quick! My husband and I head back home, he also works full time from home.

9:30AM-11:15- I use this time to catch up on work emails and also engage in social media. This time is critical because it is when a large portion of my following is online.

11:15AM- I leave to go pick Kellan up from School. His class ends at 11:30AM, from there I have to drive him to his babysitters house. Kellan goes to the same babysitter as Marley so she is waiting for him when we get there!

12:30PM- I get back home, log back into work and catch up on some emails. Grab a quick bite from the kitchen!

Avocado Toast For Lunch

1:30PM- I like to start a few blog drafts of different ideas I have. I find it easier to write about something if I have an idea “jotted” down.

2:30PM- I have a few exciting collaborations coming up this month. I have to shoot a few flat lays for photos. I find that if I wait until the last minute, I get more stressed. If I plan ahead, I can take more time to edit photos and think of captions.

3:00PM- Work meeting via teleconference. I am able to multi-task pretty well, so while I am listening in to my meeting, I am also getting caught up on my social media for the day.

3:30PM- My husband leaves the house to go get the kids. It generally takes him about an hour, I use this time to catch up on work again. I also have to start dinner for everyone! Tonight we are having spaghetti with sauce made on Sunday.

4:30PM-5:00PM- Kids get home, I help my husband get them in the house and get their bags in the house. Occasionally we will stay outside and play for a half hour but today it is raining! Kellan eats a quick dinner because he has soccer practice tonight!

5:00PM- My husband leaves with Kellan to go to soccer. I generally stay home with Marley because she goes to bed before they get back. This also allows me some one on one time with her.


5:15PM-5:45PM- Marley and I play baby dolls, blocks, build towers and have a dance party. She also eats her dinner, we had spaghetti!


5:50PM- Bath time for Marley, books, and then bed. My kids are usually in bed by 6:30PM, especially with the recent time change. Our sleep schedule has been all over the place!


6:00PM-7:00PM- This is my down time. Marley is asleep and I am waiting for the boys to get back home. I will usually eat my dinner, catch up on social media, and clean up the house.

7:00PM- My husband and Kellan return home from soccer and I have already started running his bath. This is a later night for him because of his practice, we do a quick bath time routine and he is in bed by 7:30PM.


7:30PM-9:00PM- This is the time my husband and I use to “catch up” with each other. We are busy with work and the kids most days. It is really important for us to have this time. We love to watch Netflix and just hang out. I also use this time to fine tune any blog or Instagram post I have going up the next day.

9:00PM-9:30PM- I usually head to bed, I go to bed pretty early most days because I am an early riser. Also, with two kids, a full time job, and just life in general, I am T I R E D most days by this time.

So, as you can see, life is crazy busy most days! I will say that life seems to be the craziest for us Monday’s through Wednesday’s. I blame this on my son’s soccer and school schedule. Life tends to slow down to a more manageable pace for the rest of the week.

A day in the life of a full-time work from home mom & blogger

Now, tell me what your days look like! I’d love to know what the “busiest” day of the week is for you? What is the least busy day? Do you make time for yourself each day? This is something I really try to do as I feel it is important for my sanity 🙂



                Kids & Sleep

I want to preface this blog post by saying, I am in no way a sleep expert. If you are concerned about your child’s sleeping habits, I suggest you consult with your child’s pediatrician. My experiences and opinions are just that – my own! My only goal is to offer support and possibly a new approach to any sleep issues you may be facing with your child, because sleep is IMPORTANT! We are better mothers, fathers, parents and spouses when we get enough of it.

My children are not perfect sleepy angels and we still have our off nights on occasion. But at ages 17 months and 3.5 years, we have a few tricks and routines that work pretty well for us night after night. I want to share what works for us, in hopes that this may help you! Or maybe this will help a friend or a sister? Hey, ya never know! I feel as a parent, I am all for supportive and knowledgeable advice when it comes to sleep.

NuRoo Swaddler

Establish a routine- I can not emphasize the importance of starting a routine enough! Both of my kids have had solid bedtime/nap time routines from very early on. Our routine looks something like this: Bath, Pj’s, books, in bed & lights out. We keep it simple and try to avoid delay tactics as best as possible. Bath time is an every night thing in our house. Both kids like taking a bath and I think it is a relaxing experience for them. It also helps them to understand the process and routine of sleep time and they begin to understand very quickly that, “after this bath I am going to bed.”

Puj Water Color Bathmats

Consistency- I know it is not always possible to be 100% consistent. Things happen, people travel or maybe the kids stay at grandma and grandpas one night. All I am saying is try to be as consistent as possible with the routine you establish, whatever that percentage may be (preferably as close to 100% as possible). Children CRAVE routine. I know this seems odd because they also love to delay and protest bath time and bed time, but trust me they do…they are testing you. It is part of our job as parents to keep that routine consistent.

5 Tips for a better nights rest for everyone in the family! Tips you may not have considered #familysleep #toddler #sleepybabes
Early Bed Times- It has long been a parenting myth that “Oh I will keep my child up later and they will sleep in late!” Now, I am not saying that this is not true of some children, but this has NEVER been true for mine. Trust me, I dealt with a chronic wake time of 5:00AM for almost a year with my son. I tried it ALL, early bed time, no naps, late bed time, late late bed time, you get the idea! The only thing I can say for certain is that an earlier bed time solved a lot of problems. I am not afraid to have my kids in the bath by 5:45PM some nights. If we have skipped naps or an earlier wake up time than normal, that sleep needs to be made up. I have read my fair share of sleep training articles and the number one tip that sleep experts give to tired parents is, your baby is cranky because you are putting them to bed TOO late. Anytime I am asked for sleeping advice for children this is my number one tip. Don’t be afraid of that early bed time! If nothing else, you can sip on some wine a little earlier.

Comfort Items- This is not a necessity and can almost be controversial at some points depending on the age at which you allow the child to have items in the crib with them. For me, we did not allow items in the crib until after a year. At that point the child is significantly less likely to suffer from SIDS. Comfort items are so key for my kids! My son has a stuffed kitty and two cuddly lovies that he has slept with for 2 years. We go everywhere with these items because they are key to his sleep and his sleeping is key to all of our happiness. The same goes for his younger sister who is 17 months, she has a blanket she calls “baby.” This blanket travels near and far with us and she cuddles right up to it when it’s bed time. These items can also play a role if you decide to do any form of sleep training. I don’t intend to discuss the different methods of sleep training here as each parent has their own preference on this. There are enough articles out there regarding all the different sleep training methods and why each one is “right” for your child. Use your knowledge and intuition on this. You can also work with your pediatrician to develop plans.

5 Tips for a better nights rest for everyone in the family! Tips you may not have considered #familysleep #toddler #sleepybabes
Support System- As with everything in life, having a strong support system is key. I relied heavily on my husband and family during any sleep issues we had. I also did my research, it helped knowing that so many others out there had gone through what I was going through. To specify the sleep problems we have gone through: early risers, frequent risers, bed sharing, nursing all night, waking up frequently asking for drinks, getting out of bed repeatedly, and on and on. There are even facebook support groups that you can join (they are private) that offer support across the world! If you are interested in learning more about joining a sleep training/support group, please email me.

5 Tips for a better nights rest for everyone in the family! Tips you may not have considered #familysleep #toddler #sleepybabes
5 Tips for a better nights rest for everyone in the family! Tips you may not have considered #familysleep #toddler #sleepybabes