Beach Trip

At the start of the summer my husband and I decided to do a little mini-trip with our kids this summer. Our kids are wild, like want to scream at top of their lungs everywhere they go type wild. . . So we approached this idea with hesitation.

Nevertheless, we decided a trip to Sesame Place would need to happen. We live in upstate NY so from our house to Sesame it’s 4.5 hours. Kellan (age 3) did great in the car for the most part and really enjoyed our hotel stay. We made the hotel stay into a “big deal” for him so he loved it and swimming in the pool. Marley was a bit more difficult to please for almost 5 hours. Key item for both kids: A LOT OF SNACKS. 

After doing two nights at our hotel and one day at Sesame Place we headed to the Jersey Shore! It was about an hour drive from our hotel in Princeton, NJ. We chose to rent an air BNB for our one night stay in Belmar Beach.

It rained the Tuesday we got to the shore which was kind of a bummer. I had wanted to do the aquarium in Point Pleasant, NJ but the line was CRAY, my kids and lines=hell. So we chose to just walk around on the boardwalk, played some mini-golf, ate lunch and then went to our air BNB to check in.

It cleared up Tuesday afternoon so we did get a little beach in that day. Luckily, Wednesday morning my kids woke up BRIGHT and early and it was beautiful out. We packed right up and headed to the beach at 7:00AM.

We had to head home Wednesday so we stayed at the beach a few hours. Just enough time for this lady to eat handfuls of sand while simultaneously throwing it into her hair 🙈

If you are looking for quick kid friendly trips this one was great! Message or comment if you’d like any direct recommendations about our hotel, Air BNB, places we ate, etc.

With Love,