Disney Themed Scavenger Hunt

Planning a Disney Trip? 10 Scavenger clues to surprise your kids

Scroll to the bottom to see our amazing video created for us by Jenn Scott! If you are local to the Central New York area, consider Jenn & her husband Brent for any videography needs! You can check out their Instagram here or visit their YouTube channel here.

Putting our Disney scavenger hunt together was at the top of my to do list once our trip was booked. I did some googling and some pinteresting and ultimately came up with 10 clues that worked great for us.

Planning a Disney Trip? 10 Scavenger clues to surprise your kids Disney Boumd T-shirts

I knew I wanted most of the clues to be outside, so hoping and praying for nice weather was obviously key. This was the perfect way to tell the kids about our fun vacation we had planned. We waited until the day before we left to do the scavenger hunt so the anticipation nearly did me in!

If you want to see tips on how I put these clues together, check out my highlighted Instagram stories (labeled Disney) and I’ll be sure to link some of the products I used below.

  1. Clue # 1- Here is the first of ten clues, work together and you can’t lose. Start where you take a snooze! (Clue led to Mickey & Minnie PJs)
  2. Now head downstairs where you play. The next clue flies high everyday! (Clue led to the playroom and I hid a few toy airplanes)
  3. Into the play house you must go! Look where you slide, search high and search low. (Led outside to their playhouse and I hid a mickey & minnie hat)
  4. I hope this clue doesn’t leave you stuck, look on the deck for a big truck! (I hid a Disney themed towel in big toy truck on our deck)
  5. We’re halfway now, almost there! I’d start searching under a green chair! (Hid two Disney themed sippy cups under our deck furniture)
  6. Now that we are outside enjoying the day, check in the sandbox where you often play. (Hid sunglasses in the sand box)
  7. A suitcase is ready, on the double! Find your next clue by the bubbles. (I hid two travel sized kid backpacks by a bucket of bubbles on our deck)
  8. The safari roads lead to our garage, I wonder if the next clue involves our lodge? (Clue was in our garage and it was these Disney Bound shirts)
  9. Go Ahead! Do a big twirl, because Kellan & Marley are headed to…. (clue was a big wrapped box which had balloons and our Disney magic bands)
  10. DISNEY WORLD! (Taped to the inside of the box)


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9 thoughts on “Disney Themed Scavenger Hunt

  1. Love this idea! Wish I saw this earlier! Hitting up New York for the first time ever next weekend! Are Jenn and her husband Brett expensive or pretty reasonable?

    1. They are super reasonable! Where in NY are you headed? They are very easy to work with too. We didn’t even notice them there!

  2. This is such an amazing idea. I will definitely be doing this for my son when we go in September. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Ohh just wonder how much you pre plan things like this…amazing.. I think I need to do such thing with my kids after watching the video.. Such a pleasure to see that.

    1. I think it took me a couple weeks to plan everything. I’d say my scavenger hunt clue ideas in the note section of my phone. The video took about a week!

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