Top MEN Must Have Gift Ideas

Struggle with what to get your man? Check out this great gift guide!
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Hi guys! It’s been a few minutes since I wrote a new post. In all honestly, life has been SO busy. Between the kids and my full time job and just everything else in my life I have been in a bit of rut and my blog has gone to the back burner. I am excited to be back though and really hoping to post more consistently over the next few months. I have some fun post ideas in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you! I am starting off with a fun post about MEN gift ideas! If you are anything like me then you struggle with finding a good gift for the men in your life. I swear I always resort to gift cards because I just don’t know what “man” things to buy. I worked with my husband on this post to get some of his input because men deserve some fun new items too!

I actually got the idea for this post when I was searching for a good “just because” gift for my husband. Warner does so much for me and our family and a lot of times I get busy ordering things for the kids or myself (in all honesty) and forget to check on the “man” items in stores or online. So I have compiled a list of some great options for the great men in our lives. I really tried to make this list as all inclusive as possible. There is something for everyone and most of these items we have! I ended up going with the apple watch for my hubs and he loves it!

  1. Shaving Brush // This is a must for a man with a beard! I have actually heard my husband mention on multiple occasions how much he wants one of these. It would make a wonderful stocking stuffer!
  2. Tech Gloves // I actually really want a pair of these for myself. I hate taking my gloves off in the winter when it is cold out and these gloves allow you to still keep warm and text!!
  3. Roll-Up Travel Bag // I love this, especially if you have a man in your life who travels frequently. This can be hung on a door and it rolls down to allow access to all shaving, shampoo, toothbrush etc.!
  4. Engraved Silver Cuff Bracelet // I bought my husband one of these and had it engraved with our kids initials one year. It is a unique and meaningful gift if you are looking for something like that!
  5. Tie Bar // I loved this “Best Dad” tie bar. This would make a great gift for a husband or a dad and it could even be father’s day or Christmas present from the kids!
  6. Duffel Bag // This is a duffel bag you don’t have to be embarrassed to carry! I love the style and the marled grey color. Warner really liked this one also!
  7. Phone & Card Case // I loved the cognac color of this case and the pocket for sticking a card in. Sometimes it is a paid to carry a wallet (at least for my husband) so this is super convenient!
  8. Lingerie // Look away mom and dad! Sometimes, a gift for you is also a gift for him 😉 Pair this with a date night and you have a winning gift combo!
  9. Kiehl’s Grooming Set //  I personally love anything Kiehl’s brand and I have bought my husband this exact set as a Christmas present. It smells SO good & the price point isn’t bad!
  10. Cooling Pillow // This pillow is so cool! It is perfect for the techy husband or just any guy that get’s hot when they sleep.
  11. Portable Grill // We have a similar grill that always goes with us when we tailgate. It is a perfect size and easily packed into the car!
  12. Running Sneakers // Need I say more? It can’t only be my husband who is shoe OBSESSED! I loved the neutral style of these.
  13. Patagonia Zip-Up // We are big Patagonia fans, they are just so warm and the quality can’t be beat. My husband has a similar one to this and he lives in it all fall & winter!
  14. Apple Watch // This is the gift I ended up going with and my husband loves it! It is worth every penny and would make a great gift for any holiday or “just because” to show your man some love!

I also linked all items below! Share a great gift you have given to a man in your life in the comments, I love hearing new ideas!

Tops Tips that Will Help Prepare your Babies Nursery

If you know that you have a baby on the way then you will understand how exciting this can be. You may also be under a lot of stress because you have so much to get ready and so little time to get it all done in as well. If you want to avoid all of this then one thing that you do need to concentrate on is getting the nursery ready so that you don’t have to do any hard manual labor for when your newborn arrives.

Preparing the Room

It is so important that you clear out the room first. When you do this you can then have a clean slate and it also gives you the chance to plan out everything as well. You can also give the room a big clean as well as this will help you to get everything sorted for when your bundle of joy comes along.  When you do prepare the room it is also important that you wipe down and clean all of the surfaces. This does include the walls and even the floor as well. The main reason for doing that is because babies really are susceptible to allergens such as pet hair, dust and even mold as well. If you are not sure how to clean down the room then consider using a sponge and some hot water. Try and avoid using harsh chemicals when you do this because this can also irritate your baby.


Install a Dimmer

Another thing that you can do is try and install a dimmer switch. They are very easy for you to do and when you want to put your baby to bed, it will make it much easier. You can also go into the room without having to turn on the lights and this will make it much easier for you to stop waking your baby up. If you want to make the room even more relaxing then you can easily add a lamp with a very soft bulb as this will add a nice glow when you read them bedtime stories.

Close-up of Pink Indoors

Oiling the Hinges

If you can you should also try and oil the hinges. When you do this it will stop them from creaking and this can save you a lot of sleepless nights later. After all, the last thing that you need is for you to open the door and instantly wake up your baby. You will be glad that you did this and you can easily do it yourself. Some WD40 will do the trick and it can sort out the problem in an instant.


And lastly, you need to go through all of the furniture that you need. It may be worth you looking into a nursery furniture collection. When you do this, you can easily find something that suits the room and you can also make sure that everything fits in nicely with the shape and even the style of the room as well so do keep that in mind.