Top MEN Must Have Gift Ideas

Struggle with what to get your man? Check out this great gift guide!
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Hi guys! It’s been a few minutes since I wrote a new post. In all honestly, life has been SO busy. Between the kids and my full time job and just everything else in my life I have been in a bit of rut and my blog has gone to the back burner. I am excited to be back though and really hoping to post more consistently over the next few months. I have some fun post ideas in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you! I am starting off with a fun post about MEN gift ideas! If you are anything like me then you struggle with finding a good gift for the men in your life. I swear I always resort to gift cards because I just don’t know what “man” things to buy. I worked with my husband on this post to get some of his input because men deserve some fun new items too!

I actually got the idea for this post when I was searching for a good “just because” gift for my husband. Warner does so much for me and our family and a lot of times I get busy ordering things for the kids or myself (in all honesty) and forget to check on the “man” items in stores or online. So I have compiled a list of some great options for the great men in our lives. I really tried to make this list as all inclusive as possible. There is something for everyone and most of these items we have! I ended up going with the apple watch for my hubs and he loves it!

  1. Shaving Brush // This is a must for a man with a beard! I have actually heard my husband mention on multiple occasions how much he wants one of these. It would make a wonderful stocking stuffer!
  2. Tech Gloves // I actually really want a pair of these for myself. I hate taking my gloves off in the winter when it is cold out and these gloves allow you to still keep warm and text!!
  3. Roll-Up Travel Bag // I love this, especially if you have a man in your life who travels frequently. This can be hung on a door and it rolls down to allow access to all shaving, shampoo, toothbrush etc.!
  4. Engraved Silver Cuff Bracelet // I bought my husband one of these and had it engraved with our kids initials one year. It is a unique and meaningful gift if you are looking for something like that!
  5. Tie Bar // I loved this “Best Dad” tie bar. This would make a great gift for a husband or a dad and it could even be father’s day or Christmas present from the kids!
  6. Duffel Bag // This is a duffel bag you don’t have to be embarrassed to carry! I love the style and the marled grey color. Warner really liked this one also!
  7. Phone & Card Case // I loved the cognac color of this case and the pocket for sticking a card in. Sometimes it is a paid to carry a wallet (at least for my husband) so this is super convenient!
  8. Lingerie // Look away mom and dad! Sometimes, a gift for you is also a gift for him 😉 Pair this with a date night and you have a winning gift combo!
  9. Kiehl’s Grooming Set //  I personally love anything Kiehl’s brand and I have bought my husband this exact set as a Christmas present. It smells SO good & the price point isn’t bad!
  10. Cooling Pillow // This pillow is so cool! It is perfect for the techy husband or just any guy that get’s hot when they sleep.
  11. Portable Grill // We have a similar grill that always goes with us when we tailgate. It is a perfect size and easily packed into the car!
  12. Running Sneakers // Need I say more? It can’t only be my husband who is shoe OBSESSED! I loved the neutral style of these.
  13. Patagonia Zip-Up // We are big Patagonia fans, they are just so warm and the quality can’t be beat. My husband has a similar one to this and he lives in it all fall & winter!
  14. Apple Watch // This is the gift I ended up going with and my husband loves it! It is worth every penny and would make a great gift for any holiday or “just because” to show your man some love!

I also linked all items below! Share a great gift you have given to a man in your life in the comments, I love hearing new ideas!

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