Visiting the Magical Kingdom with Toddlers

Tips & Tricks we learned taking our two Toddlers to The Magical Kingdom!

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From the second the idea of doing Disney with our kids popped into my head, I couldn’t stop obsessing over it! Most of our friends and family said we were a little crazy for taking two toddlers to Disney since they won’t remember it. I, however, beg to differ! I went all out trying to make this a truly magical and memorable experience and vacation for them (check out how we surprised them with the trip in this post!)

I’ve since learned, I am indeed not crazy and people are taking children as young as infants to Disney! It truly is such a magical experience and I’m so glad my kids got to experience it! Now on to the nitty gritty stuff. Let’s talk what to prepare for when going to the Magical Kingdom with two toddlers because that was no joke.

You can find my post here where I link up some of my favorite Disney clothing and accessory finds. I snagged two adorable kid sized travel back packs for the kids and stuffed it with Target dollar section finds. Another tip, if you have the store 5 below near you check them out! Everything is the store is marked $5 and under and I found some cute activities that kept them busy there. Also, SNACKS! My kids get hangry real quick so keeping blood sugar up was a big priority of mine. For more of my travel specific tips, head to this post!

We arrived in Orlando on Sunday and spent the entire day exploring and playing at our hotel, Animal Kingdom Lodge. Our kids were fascinated by the animals and the entire building, they also loved the safari feel of the lodge and the pools! We had an amazing experience at this hotel. I do wish that they had double rooms for a less expensive option but we went with a single room that had bunk beds. We asked for a crib for Marley and the staff was very quick to bring that up to accommodate us. We all ended up sleeping great in the room!

Monday we spent the most of the day at The Magical Kingdom. Here’s a run down of tips I’ve learned and well as what I’ve heard from others of your doing Disney with young kids.

1. Bring your own water and snacks. I mentioned in this post that I grabbed the kids two new water bottles from Target before leaving. I refilled these often, for free, at the Starbucks locations in Magical Kingdom.

2. Get there early! The park opens at 8AM for most and you want to get there to prepare for lines. What I learned is there a wait for a lot of things. There are lines to enter the park, to get through security, to get on the monorail, etc. If you get there early you can hop on some rides before the lines get really long. Our first (and favorite) ride was the Dumbo ride!

 Traveling to Disney with Toddlers

3. Book your fast passes early and do your research. I talked with other moms who had done Disney and The Magical Kingdom to find out where to best utilize our fast passes. I had originally booked a fast pass for it’s a small world however I ended up changing it because someone said this ride rarely has a long line thus no need for a fast pass.

4. Kids under 3 are FREE! I actually did not know this when we decided on Disney. Marley was completely free and she is at the age where she still had SO much fun! Take advantage of going to Disney with young kids.

5. Bring a stroller. Trust me, you’ll want it and the kids will want it. Our double stroller by Delta had a shade which allowed some protection from the sun when it got to be too hot. Also, bring a small portable fan! They are expensive in the park so better to grab one before you go. It was HOT in that June Florida sun, we also located a small splash pad area (near the Dumbo ride) where Kellan got soaked and couldn’t have been happier! This cooled him off (on that note, be sure to remember changes of clothing!)

I wish we could’ve spent 2-3 more days exploring Disney. You honestly could see something new everyday. The staff is beyond wonderful and they truly make it the “most magical place on earth.” We will definitely be planning more trips in the coming years. This is another reason I didn’t really mind going early, I know we will back and the memories will only continue to build!

Top 5 Must Have Items for Traveling with Kids

Some (not all) of these products were gifted to me in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. All thoughts are my own.

We recently got back from our Florida vacation! I am ready to go back already but I figured I would share my top 5 picks for traveling with two kids under 5 in the meantime. These simple items were all things I was glad I bought or prepared ahead of time. I’ll be sharing more of our vacation this month, with posts about our Disney trip and our experience at Legoland!

1.Dockatot and Travel bag- I’ve talked about why we love the Dockatot in this post and it proved to be amazing for traveling. We loved having Marley nap in the Dockatot and I really think she slept so well while traveling because of this comfort. The travel bag was amazing for keeping it clean during travel and it was easy to check. The straps were the perfect length to throw over our shoulder or carry by hand. Such a worthwhile investment if you plan to travel with your Dockatot. The additional carry bag is only $60 which I found more than reasonable. This will definitely not be our last time using this!

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2. Snacks- This one may seem simple but it was seriously KEY to our kids happiness while we were traveling. I over packed on snacks and I’m so glad I did. I also packed some small suckers for the kids on the plane and this helped with their ears. Some suggestions include- crackers, protein bars (we love this brand), fruit gummy snacks, and pretzels. Literally, our snacks went wherever we did (plane, restaurants, beach, and the amusement parks)

3.Penguino Travel Boxes- I let the kids open these special boxes before we left for vacation. The boxes were packed full of fun items to keep the kids busy while we were on the plane or eating at restaurants. We had everything from coloring and stickers to a small container of molding putty. Our kids loved the creative items included in their boxes and it was curated specifically for their age and gender.

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4.Cheap sippy cups- Before we left for vacation I stopped at target (obviously). I picked up two $3 sippy cups and told myself if we left them behind it was fine. I chose cups that had straws and were easy for us to pack, they also had a cute Disney character on each. The cups actually made it home with us! It was so nice to be able to pour juice or water in them to keep the kids hydrated in the hot Florida sun.

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5. TSA Pre-Check Boarding- If you have the extra funds for TSA pre-check I HIGHLY recommend it. It costs $85 a person and you just apply online and then go to your local airport to finish the registration. It is good for 5 years and kids under 13 fall under you so no need to sign them up separately. This cut down IMMENSELY on wait time for us at airports. Also it was amazing not having to take shoes off or electronics out of our bags. With two kids and plenty of bags and backpacks, this expense was well worth it. Especially if you are flying into or out of a very busy airport like Orlando International. I can’t tell you how glad we were that we took the time to apply for this.

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Mini Disney Style

Planning a Disney trip? Make sure the little ones have the cutest style while there!
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We are DISNEY bound in a few short weeks and I have been searching high and low for all of the best Disney gear for the kids! I am finding some majorly cute items and I thought no better time to share. If you are planning a Disney trip or you just love dressing your little ones in the cutest Disney gear, check out these adorable styles below!

I will also be sure to keep my shop my style page updated with the cutest threads I find for our trip and beyond.

Planning a Disney trip? Make sure the little ones have the cutest style while there!


A few of my favorite Disney Inspired little one looks below:

1// Minnie & Mickey Luggage Tags– These are one of our scavenger hunt (coming soon!) clues as well and I thought they were adorable!

2// Sunny Days Boutique Hair Bows– These clip in bows could not be more perfect. The colors go with everything so I know we will get plenty of use out of these!

3// Toddler Minnie hat with Bow– Click the link to see a sweet bow detail that had me dying over the cuteness.

4// Minnie Red Flats– These shoes are a must for any Disney trip

5// Mickey flip flops– Another must for pool days if you plan to extend your trip beyond the parks.

6// Mickey & Minnie Backpack for Travel- This will also double as a scavenger hunt clue for our kids. Can’t wait to share more about our Disney themed scavenger hunt in a few weeks.

7// Minnie & Mickey PJs- I saw these on Old Navy’s website and knew they had to be ours!

8// Red Sneakers– Love the style of these and they look very comfortable for a park day.

9// Black & White Mickey Tee– I loved the simplicity of this tee paired with those cute sneakers.

10// MM Athletics Tee– Another great basic tee, vintage inspired, and such a steal!

12// Red Wrap Bow– I love the Baby Bling bows, I think these are a must for any little lady traveling to Disney and beyond.

13// Minnie Bathing Suit & Star Wars Bathing Suit– Old Navy & Target are killing the Disney game at the moment. Snag these if you are on the hunt for an inexpensive option for swimming!

Be sure to follow along on our Disney vacation via social media! I have already been sharing Disney tips/tricks/suggestions and some styling ideas on my Instagram page. There is even a highlighted story dedicated to all things Disney! Additionally, I plan to share to my twitter page and I have a dedicated Pinterest to our Disney trip which you can follow! Something I missed? Be sure to share any of your Disney styling tips or shopping suggestions in the comments below.