Workout Favorites Gift Guide

Finding the perfect #ChristmasGift for someone who loves to #workout or wants to get #healthy in the new year!

Whether you are shopping for a friend, a sister, or yourself I am a firm believer that no one can have too much good workout gear! With all the great food that comes with the holidays there is always that guilt that comes along with it. Then BAM it is January and everyone is starting New Years resolutions to get healthy. I am sharing my current long time favorite workout items that also make great gifts for the health obsessed person in your life. A few of these may also be on my wish list, hint hint hubby 😉

1 // A smart scale- I am dying for one of these! I use my regular scale almost daily, especially when I first started trying to lose weight. The smart scale makes it so easy to track progress on your phone or apple watch.

2 // Apple Watch– I have already shared my love for the apple watch in this prior gift guide. I always thought I would hate the apple watch but I honestly now HATE not having it on. I track everything from my workouts, to messages to my sleeping habits and more on my watch.

3 // Workout/Yoga Bag– I am obsessed with my LuluLemon yoga mat. It was an investment but I go to yoga at least once a week and use my mat for other workouts so I have definitely got my moneys worth. I would love a great workout bag for my mat and this is a must for any yoga obsessed person.

4 // Dr. De Headphones– These are another item on my Christmas list. I personally love the rose gold version. I have been running a ton lately and I have heard these are great and actually stay on when you run.

5 // Fun workout Tees– Who doesn’t love a great “sayings” tee? I have no shortage of mom themed tees but I think workout ones are great too. You can find some really cute ones on Thread Tank or on Etsy!

6 // Nike Running Pants– I live in yoga/work out pants 95% of the time and any that are high waisted are the best! I recommend the Nike, Zella or even this pair from amazon are all amazing.

7 // Pretty new water bottle– I keep a huge water bottle near me all the time. I personally aim to drink about half my body weight in ounces of water a day. I find it way easier to fill a water bottle up rather than grabbing new bottles of water each time.

8 // Classic Black Nikes– I own these and love them. They go with everything and have stood the test of time and a lot of running miles both on the road and on my treadmill.

9 // Booty Bands– Booty bands are my FAVORITE workout item. I use mine multiple times a week for everything from squats to different cardio moves. There are an abundance of pinterest and Youtube videos that show all of the best moves for your bands. The best part if they usually come with an easy band, medium and hard so you can really make your workout your own depending on how you are feeling.

10 // Vitamix (Splurge) or This (Save) Blender– I use my blender daily! I honestly don’t think you need a very expensive one to do the trick. I love making acai bowls, morning protein smoothies or even a smoothie meal replacement in mine.

11 // Splurge APL Sneakers– These have been on my wish list for forever! I love the style and that they are “tongueless” sneakers. They are a bit more than I would typically spend on a sneaker so I would probably treat them like my third child and never wear them outside!

12 // Wireless earbuds– I have yet to find a pair of wireless ear buds that I like but these look great! I love the color of them and that the Bluetooth portion of the wire is smaller. These Beats By Dr. Dre look really great too!

13 // New Sport Bras– Who doesn’t love new workout gear to get them in the mood for a good workout? I love wearing a pretty sports bra to yoga class under a class tank. I think if you feel good and look cute than you can’t go wrong!

Toddler Girl Holiday Gift Guide

Ten Gift Ideas for a Toddler Girl #giftguide #christmas

I am always on the hunt for the perfect gift for my kids and I had SO much fun finding adorable ideas for toddler girls! Marley is into all things girly right now but she can also still have a blast with her older brothers cars and trucks. What do your little girls prefer? All things girly or more “boy toys”? We encourage both kids to play with all the toys in our home and not the ones that may be labeled as “gender specific” by society. With that being said the majority of these are perfect for any little girl, but that doesn’t mean a little boy wouldn’t enjoy as well!

1// FlyBar Pogo Jumper– This is the perfect jumper for younger ones! The cushion is great for little feet and its extremely light weight making it easy for them to move from room to room. I love that the middle is more of a rope/cord so it makes for easy storage. FlyBar was kind enough to offer my readers an exclusive Amazon discount of 15% on this and more of their products with code (FlybarHol15) so definitely add this to your shopping list!

Pop Jumper

The discount code for 15% off on Amazon is FlybarHol15

2// Kidzoom Camera (Pink)– I talked about this camera before in this Boy’s gift guide. I think this is such a great gift for little photographers in the making! Our kids see us on our phones all the time and we are always asking them to pose. I think this is such a cute chance for them to have a little role reversal!

3// Fisher Price Little People– These are always a top rated toy and you can often find Black Friday deals on them! There are so many different ones to choose from but I love the sights and sounds play house. We also currently own the airplane and school bus little peoples set!

4// Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk– We are knee deep in alllll things dress up with both kids. They love to play pretend, typically Kellan is the knight or the superhero and Marley is the princess. I love that this dress up trunk allow for easy storage and includes some fun accessories!

5// Little Cosmetics Pretend Play– I bought this years ago for a family friend’s daughter and she loved it! Ever since then it has been on my wish list for Marley. The best part is how realistic the makeup looks without all of the mess of real makeup.

6// Piggy paint– Seriously obsessed with this stuff and so is Marley! This nail polish is safe for our little ones precious fingers and toes. It is non-toxic and smells amazing! This would make the cutest stocking-stuffer for a little girl.

7// Microphone & Karaoke– This is a must buy for us this year! Both of my kids are obsessed with singing and love making song requests in the car. Their favorite songs are always the songs from their favorite shows or movies. This is going to be perfect for endless entertainment on cold winter days! I am picturing creating a whole pretend concert with audience seats in our living room!

8// KidKraft Kitchen– We bought this two years ago for Kellan as a black Friday sale and it is still one of the kids favorite gifts from Santa! Marley loves pretending to feed her babies or wash the dishes. The sleek design of KidKraft kitchens really eliminates the dreaded “eyesore” larger toys typically bring and they are usually deeply discounted prior to Christmas!

9// Rocktopus– I have a whole blog post coming up on this toy! It is seriously the MUST BUY toy this season, you will be seeing this on every hot toy list! It is so fun, both Kellan and Marley love playing with this. I store all the extra pieces in a little baggy in our playroom and it makes it a little easier to keep everything together.

10// TrioKid Stroller– We own a stroller and wagon from TrioKid and the quality can’t be beat. Honestly, Marley loves this stroller. It is so realistic and she is obsessed with babies! The one we have has multiple configurations and comes in two colors. This would be such a great addition to add to under the Christmas tree and really give that “AH” moment on Christmas morning!

Holiday BOY Gift Guide for Ages 2-4

Looking for gift ideas for a litte boy? Look no further! I have rounded up the top toys for ages 4 and up!

**Post may contain affiliate or sponsored links at no additional cost to you. All opinions expressed are my own.**

I love shopping for this age and especially for boys! I find it so easy to buy superheroes, trucks, trains and more! Seeing my son’s excitement over any and all of these is just worth it. He has approximately 400 firetrucks yet he still gets just as excited about a new one! I am trying to switch it up this year and get him some new interactive toys. I am sharing a few that we plan to buy this year for Christmas or that we already own and that he plays with often! What do you love to buy for little boys?

1// FlyBar Aero 2-wheel Scooter- This is such a great gift for a boy OR a girl! They offer three different colors to choose from. My son had a smaller scooter he got two years ago so he was due for an upgrade and I love that this one is two wheels and the wheels light up! He has been racing around in our garage and house practicing using this one. I think it will be perfect for walks in the spring too once it warms up. Also, this thing supports quite a bit of weight, my husband was even able to give it a test run!

BONUS: FlyBar gave me a discount for you! If you click this link and use code FlybarHol15 you can save an extra 15% off!

2// MagnaTiles– These are a favorite, we stocked up on these last year for the kids. They play with them SO much so they are worth the investment in my opinion. This year we will be buying some of the accessories for the kids! These are fun for adults too if you love to build.

3// VTech KidZoom Camera– One thing my kids are very familiar with is my camera! They love posing or having me pose since I have them in many photos. I love that this camera takes real photos and the kids can learn to edit them on a computer by adding funny faces! Such a cute and well priced gift.

4//LiteBright- Raise your hand if you had one of these as a kid?! We have been working on Kellan’s fine motor skills since he starts Kindergarten next year. This is a GREAT gift if your child struggles with holding a pen or scissors and it’s fun!!

5// Bedtime with Blippi– This book is less than $12 and it looks so cute! My son loves watching Blippi go on adventures. If you don’t know who Blippi is, click here. I love that this book rhymes and I think it could make such a cute gift.

6// Boogie Board Scribble- This is also a gift that will be under our tree on Christmas. Kellan and I actually played with one of these at Barnes & Nobles recently and he loved it. Another great gift option if your child struggles with holding a pen. I also think this could be great for traveling or if you go out to eat at a restaurant to keep the kids occupied.

7// MindWare Marble Run– This is one that could make a statement under your tree on Christmas if you decide to build ahead of time. I always love having one ‘AH” gift (as I call it) waiting for the kids. Kellan watches kids on Youtube play with something similiar all the time and he has told me multiple times how we need one so I am sure it will be a hit.

8// Outdoor Exploration Kit– I thought this was such a cute idea! My son is really into exploring and loves the idea of camping. We actually plan to take him camping next summer and we love having camp outs in the living room! The price can’t be beat either, less than $25!

9// Melissa & Doug Train Table– This train table is right around $100 and my favorite feature of it is the STORAGE. As a mom, i hate toys laying all over for the storage under this table is amazing. It is a great quality too and another one of those big “AH” statement gifts under the tree.

10// Thomas the Train Super Station– We have this and both my son and daughter LOVE it. We always rearrange it for the kids to keep them interested and we store in our basement so it’s not always out. It has so many fun features and honestly my kids play with it for hours multiple times a week. They really love having races up and down the tracks. I will be sharing more about this awesome toy next week!