Updating Your Home Office On a Budget

Update your Home Office with a few simple tips & tricks

I’m excited to finally share my office room reveal with you guys! There weren’t too many major changes in my office space that were done but I think the changes we made have been great updates to the space. I spend A LOT of time in this room so feeling comfortable and at peace while I am in here was important to me.

The first thing we did was give the space a fresh coat of paint. We went with Beach Glass by Benjamin Moore. I love this peaceful color. We also have our bedroom painted this same shade so our upstairs space feels cohesive.

The next thing we did was draw inspo from one of my favorite pieces in the room, the Oh Joy! Rug by Lorena Canals. This is one partnership that I am so excited about! We have a Lorena Canals rug in our living room and it’s by far my favorite rug in our house. I love that it is easily vacuumed or it can be thrown into the washing machine! The same holds true for the new line by Oh Joy! We went with the cloud design (called Happy Day) because I loved the neutral colors and fun design. I also felt this was a design I could move around if I ever want to put it in a different space in our home.

In addition to that we updated the window treatments, grabbed this new desk from Target, and just added some additional décor and items we already had to complete the space. I really feel like you can update any space by changing up the textures in the room. I also love just moving items from room to room to switch up the look of each room. I took a metal basket I wasn’t using, a tray, and my lamp and created a small end table next to the couch. One other thing that was very important was hanging my kids art that they make. I know they always feel very excited and proud to give it to me so displaying it something I always want to do. We have some framed in our playroom and I have some hanging in my space. I’m sure this isn’t for everyone but it makes me happy to see their creations everyday!

Updating your home office doesn't need to be expemsive! Sharing a few tips & tricks!

Parent Tips: What To Think about When Going on Vacation with the Kids

If you are a parent then you will know how important it is for you to give your kids the support they need throughout their life. Going abroad can be a fantastic way for you to show them what is out there and it can also help you to show them other cultures as well. If you are nervous about taking your kids abroad or if you know that you are not too happy about the idea of them flying on a plane because you don’t know how they will react then you have nothing to worry about and the main reason for this is because there are so many things that you can do to really help them to make the transition.

Slow Down

If this is your first trip with the kids then try and make everything much slower than you would normally. Be realistic about the places you want to see and also take note that when you have the little ones with you, everything will be much slower. You may also want to rest more than you’d want to normally as well. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this and when you have kids it is to be expected, but it should play a part in your decisions regarding where you want to visit and how long you want to stay at each place for. If you are not sure what to do here then cut down on the amount of places you want to visit and also make sure that you are taking into account the transportation lines you need to take as well. Sure, the tube may be the best way for you to get around somewhere but if it is packed during rush hour then a taxi may be a better option.

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Discuss Everything

If you are travelling with another family or even other adults then talk about what each and every person would like to do. You also need to discuss how you are going to split up the jobs that need to be done as well, such as laundry, washing up or going to the store. You may also want to discuss a babysitting rotor as well so one person doesn’t end up having to stay with the kids all the time while other people go out and have fun. This is also a great time for you to talk about any arrangements that you want to have with the bill as well, as this will save a lot of time. You have to remember that at the end of the day, you want to make sure that the kids always have something to do but you don’t want to compromise on adult time by doing this.

Talking with Your Doctor

If you are going overseas, talk with your doctor around two months before you are due to depart. This will give you enough time to talk about your plans and the age of your kids as well. It may be that they need to go for an appointment as well. It is also a good idea for you to talk about their vaccination records as well, and their blood groups. If you know that your child has a pre-existing health condition then ask your doctor about this and try and find a doctor in your vacation location who can help you if anything should go wrong. Kids who are under the age of 18 months generally won’t need to have any jabs done for going abroad.


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You have to really look into the weather as well before you go. Remember that kids tend to feel the cold much more when compared to adults, so it helps to make sure that they have plenty of layers to keep them warm. When you do this, you also have to ensure that they have gloves and hats as well. This may take up a ton of room in your luggage and this may be the last thing that you want but at the end of the day, it is far better when compared to buying a ton of new clothes when you are out there. If you know it is going to rain a lot, look into your hotel’s laundry service to find out if they can dry your clothes for you and split the bill among your family. After all, wrapping up in cold wet clothes is the best way to catch a cold!


When you go abroad, you have to make sure that your finances are in order. It is so important that you go through all of the payments that you have made for your holiday and it is also important that you have enough spending money as well. Saving up beforehand is the best way for you to make the most out of your vacation and it also means that you won’t feel a huge hit to your finances when you do set off. If you are struggling to save then there are some bad credit cards unsecured providers that can help you and this is a great way for you to get the money you need without compromise.


When booking your hotel, it is important that you make sure that it is close to the local amenities you want to visit. When you are traveling with adults, catching the bus into town or into the main city isn’t hard and it is a great way for you to save money as well. When you have kids however, the whole operation can be a bit more difficult and the best way for you to avoid all of this would be for you to make sure that you are in walking distance of the places you want to visit. When you do this, you can make the journey much easier for you and the kids and you can also save money by doing this as well. After all, you may be paying more for your hotel but you won’t have to pay steep transport fees every single day and these payments can really add up

Top Back To School Basics

Back To School Favorites & Sale Items. Find all of the top picks for boys and girls in one spot! #backtoschool #trendsetters #stylishlittles
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Round up of my top back to school style picks #stylepicks #backtoschool

Tis’ the season for back to school! School actually does not start here in NY for about 4 more weeks. I always loved back to school shopping as a kid, everything from pencils & notebooks to the clothes & shoes got me excited. I actually always saved my school clothes until the week of school (one must NOT wear prior to the start of school!!)

Favorite Back To School Items #school #schooldays #back2school

Our absolute FAVORITE backpacks this year are these pictured above by Parkland. They have so many cute styles that you can choose from. Doesn't hurt that they are also made from recycled bottles! You can use code BRITTANY10 to save 10% on your order through their website. Marley's style is The Parkland Edison Candy Hearts & Kellan is wearing the Parkland Edison Patches Retro.

I am rounding up my top picks for back to school. The backpack game is STRONG this year, I found SO many that I loved. There are also so many cute shoes, boots and coats! See all of my top picks below.