Disney Themed Scavenger Hunt

Planning a Disney Trip? 10 Scavenger clues to surprise your kids

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Putting our Disney scavenger hunt together was at the top of my to do list once our trip was booked. I did some googling and some pinteresting and ultimately came up with 10 clues that worked great for us.

Planning a Disney Trip? 10 Scavenger clues to surprise your kids Disney Boumd T-shirts

I knew I wanted most of the clues to be outside, so hoping and praying for nice weather was obviously key. This was the perfect way to tell the kids about our fun vacation we had planned. We waited until the day before we left to do the scavenger hunt so the anticipation nearly did me in!

If you want to see tips on how I put these clues together, check out my highlighted Instagram stories (labeled Disney) and I’ll be sure to link some of the products I used below.

  1. Clue # 1- Here is the first of ten clues, work together and you can’t lose. Start where you take a snooze! (Clue led to Mickey & Minnie PJs)
  2. Now head downstairs where you play. The next clue flies high everyday! (Clue led to the playroom and I hid a few toy airplanes)
  3. Into the play house you must go! Look where you slide, search high and search low. (Led outside to their playhouse and I hid a mickey & minnie hat)
  4. I hope this clue doesn’t leave you stuck, look on the deck for a big truck! (I hid a Disney themed towel in big toy truck on our deck)
  5. We’re halfway now, almost there! I’d start searching under a green chair! (Hid two Disney themed sippy cups under our deck furniture)
  6. Now that we are outside enjoying the day, check in the sandbox where you often play. (Hid sunglasses in the sand box)
  7. A suitcase is ready, on the double! Find your next clue by the bubbles. (I hid two travel sized kid backpacks by a bucket of bubbles on our deck)
  8. The safari roads lead to our garage, I wonder if the next clue involves our lodge? (Clue was in our garage and it was these Disney Bound shirts)
  9. Go Ahead! Do a big twirl, because Kellan & Marley are headed to…. (clue was a big wrapped box which had balloons and our Disney magic bands)
  10. DISNEY WORLD! (Taped to the inside of the box)


Spring Time Favorites

Spring Time Favorites for the Everyday Mom & Woman #springtimefavorites #trendy #beauty #activelifestyle #blogger

1// Abercrombie Asymmetrical Pullover- I love this so much I have it in two colors. I also LIVE in pullovers and am always cold. This keeps me warm all day and is also easily wearable outside even in the cold without a jacket. If I am running out quick I will just keep the pullover on and not even bother with a coat. I love the asymmetrical buttons at the neck and the color choices are so good.

Favorite Abercrombie Pullover

2// Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream– I bought this in Las Vegas last spring when I was visitng. My skin felt especially dry in the desert air and this has been life changing ever since. I love how my skin feels after use and it is so light weight. I swear by all of the Kiehl’s products I have used but this one definitely is my top used item.

3// Sigma Makeup Brush– My sister actually introduced me to this makeup brush and I have never looked back. At first I was a little hesitant to spend almost $20 on one makeup brush but let me tell you this is WORTH EVERY PENNY. My makeup looks more even when I use this brush and it blends everything so nicely.

4// GiGi NY Crossbody Bag– I use this bag everywhere, I received it as a Christmas present last year and it is so perfect. I have the Chelsea Pebble Grain Crossbody in black with my inititals added for that extra special touch. GiGi runs amazing sales all the time so if you are on the lookout for a great spring cross body I can’t reccomend this one enough!

5// Le Tee’s Tee-Shirts– I love these witty shirts. I feel like sometimes we take ourselves a little too seriously and these shirts just cracked me up. It doesn’t hurt that the owners of this small shop are two of the sweetest girls ever. They have even given me a coupon code to share with my followers for the entire month of March. You can get a discount on any Le Tee by using code WITHLOVEMAMA15

Celebrating Turning 30 by Sharing 30 facts About Me!#turning30 #birthday #dirty30

6// My Blender– If you watch my Instagram stories you know that I am smoothie obsessed. I even shared my go to morning smoothie recipe in my Instagram highlights (so go check it out!) I asked my husband for one birthday present this year and it was a NEW blender. My old one was starting to leak and it was time for an upgrade. I am super happy with the one he chose so far, eventually I’d love to get a vitamix or a nutribullet! Check out some of my other breakfast favorites in this post.

7// Tone It Up Protein– My favorite protein ever and available at Target & Amazon! I actually have this protein on a subscription plan so it comes automatically to me once a month. I do find that I need it a little more frequently because I use it so much. I probably go through 1 1/2 to 2 a month. They also have a few new flavors that I am itching to try! You can use this protein in everything and it’s plant based and vegan!

8// Dr. Brandt Needles No More– I received this little magical worker in a sampling of products from Ulta. I was hooked after one use! This stuff is so amazing and I noticed an instant change to my under eyes. I also loved the tingly feeling that happens after using it. I have since talked to some blogger friends who also all swear by the Dr. Brandt products. I have a feeling this will not be my last review of these products!

9// Booty Resistance Bands– I love these bands! They provide such a great butt and leg workout for a low price. I ordered mine from amazon about a year ago. You can google or youtube different resistance band workouts and find hundreds. I love using these at home but I’m sure they’d be even better with gym equipment. One of my favorite moves is the side shuffle. I use the extra heavy or heavy resistance around my ankles and put my treadmill on a low speed. I do this move for 30 seconds on each side for a total of about 5 times.

10// Bip & Bop Layered Necklace– I was fortunate enough to receive this beautiful layered necklace from Bip & Bop and I have not taken off since! The quality is amazing and I love how you can personalize the item to your own preferences. I chose an “m” and a “k” in rose gold for my two little ones. The length is perfect and the necklace goes with everything. Check out all of their beautiful jewelry items here. BONUS! With code WITHLOVEMAMA you can save an extra 15% off! ❤️

These are just a few of my favorites for this spring & items I have used and loved. I am going to be posting more of these round-ups of my favorite items, so stay tuned!

Tips for Keeping Our Homes Clean

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As Mom’s it can be extremely difficult to keep a clean home. Between kids running around, your significant other leaving things from room to room, toys never been picked up and those endless amounts of laundry and dishes in the sink…are you waving a white flag here? I totally understand and I am right there with you friends! It’s been a hot mess at my home for the last few months if I’m being honest. I was explaining this to a friend who said she actually was able to keep her home pretty tidy and clean ( especially when those unexpected guests decide to show up at the last minute ! ) and I had to know her secrets asap!

Here are a few fun tips to keep your home clean without even trying!

Start With A Cleaning Schedule : I love to make lists and better yet cross those items off the list when they are done. It can be anything from grocery list, packing for a trip or yes, even a cleaning schedule to stick too! It’s really important if you want to make your cleaning throughout your house as easy as possible and less of a hassle. If you work full time and don’t have a lot of time, try to do a few things over the weekend. The purpose of this schedule is to really give you tasks that you need to do for your home on a routine basis so you can get it done consistently. Once you have your schedule, it’ll be second nature to get dusting done, dishes put away and not feel so overwhelmed because you’re doing small things that add up!

Have Family Get Involved – As Mom’s I totally understand needing to take control over everything and getting it done your way. I’m the same way and like things to get accomplished asap. But I’m also super overwhelmed when it comes to trying to get it done in a timely fashion. So, my solution is get your family involved to help out! My kids love to get dust rags and dust the counter tops and wipe down the table after dinner. PERFECT. Our countertops are actually one of things I love best about our home, because we have such durable items. Where did we get such great countertops you’re wondering? Premier Surfaces Rochester Countertops! They offer so many varieties of different countertops to choose from including, granite, marble, lime and more. Their customer service is always one that leaves me with questions answered and feeling good about our decision.

Load Dishwasher ASAP – I realized one of the biggest chores I hated was running my dishwasher! I actually fill my dishwasher and run it overnight and then unload it right in the morning as my coffee is brewing. All my dishes are done and put away during the day and then it doesn’t pile up on the counters or my sink! IT seriously is a huge game changer in our home!

Make Your Bed As Soon As You Wake Up- Before I even leave my bedroom for the day, I always have to make my best. IF my bed is unmade it makes my entire room like untidy and clean and then makes my entire day feel off. It truly takes a few minutes to do it and can set the tone for the rest of your day. As soon as you wake up, you know you’ll be happy you did this!

Straighten As You Walk Around – This seems easy but if you see something that needs a quick tidying up, just do it right then and there. Walking from your kitchen to your bedroom, if you see a throw pillow, put it back on the couch and fluff it off before moving on. Try and find a few things to do before you reach your room. Suddenly you have more time because you’re picking up as you go and not all at once!

Those are just a few fun ideas that she had and I’ve actually been trying them the last few weeks! Guess what- it’s worked out amazing! Now I want to hear from you and how you try to keep your home as clean as possible ( or without even trying )! I bet we could help one another out with a few good cleaning tips and tricks!