Healthier Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

The best chicken wing dip that won't make you pack on the pounds!

This is one of our favorite recipes to make to bring to parties, tailgating or while watching your favorite team! It’s a guilt free crowd pleaser. If you make this, be sure to tag me in a post or story on Instagram so I can see!

Healthier Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

2 Boneless/Skinlesss Chicken Breast’s

1/4 Fat Free Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 cup (or more depending on how spicy you want it) Franks Red hot or your preferred Hot Sauce

2 8oz Bricks of fat free cream cheese

Optional Bleau cheese crumbles

1. Boil your chicken until it’s cooked all the way through (approx. 15 mins)

2. While chicken is boiling, mix together in a mixer or by hand the two bricks of cream cheese and hot sauce until smooth

3. Stir in your shredded cheese (add your bleau cheese crumbles if you’d like)

4. Chop your chicken finely once done or use a food processor

5. Mix chicken into the dip

6. Lightly spray your baking dish.

7. Pour mixture into dish (we use a 9in round dish)

8. Place into oven (350 degrees for 30 mins)

The best chicken wing dip that won’t make you pack on the pounds!
The best chicken wing dip that won't make you pack on the pounds!

Workout Favorites Gift Guide

Finding the perfect #ChristmasGift for someone who loves to #workout or wants to get #healthy in the new year!

Whether you are shopping for a friend, a sister, or yourself I am a firm believer that no one can have too much good workout gear! With all the great food that comes with the holidays there is always that guilt that comes along with it. Then BAM it is January and everyone is starting New Years resolutions to get healthy. I am sharing my current long time favorite workout items that also make great gifts for the health obsessed person in your life. A few of these may also be on my wish list, hint hint hubby 😉

1 // A smart scale- I am dying for one of these! I use my regular scale almost daily, especially when I first started trying to lose weight. The smart scale makes it so easy to track progress on your phone or apple watch.

2 // Apple Watch– I have already shared my love for the apple watch in this prior gift guide. I always thought I would hate the apple watch but I honestly now HATE not having it on. I track everything from my workouts, to messages to my sleeping habits and more on my watch.

3 // Workout/Yoga Bag– I am obsessed with my LuluLemon yoga mat. It was an investment but I go to yoga at least once a week and use my mat for other workouts so I have definitely got my moneys worth. I would love a great workout bag for my mat and this is a must for any yoga obsessed person.

4 // Dr. De Headphones– These are another item on my Christmas list. I personally love the rose gold version. I have been running a ton lately and I have heard these are great and actually stay on when you run.

5 // Fun workout Tees– Who doesn’t love a great “sayings” tee? I have no shortage of mom themed tees but I think workout ones are great too. You can find some really cute ones on Thread Tank or on Etsy!

6 // Nike Running Pants– I live in yoga/work out pants 95% of the time and any that are high waisted are the best! I recommend the Nike, Zella or even this pair from amazon are all amazing.

7 // Pretty new water bottle– I keep a huge water bottle near me all the time. I personally aim to drink about half my body weight in ounces of water a day. I find it way easier to fill a water bottle up rather than grabbing new bottles of water each time.

8 // Classic Black Nikes– I own these and love them. They go with everything and have stood the test of time and a lot of running miles both on the road and on my treadmill.

9 // Booty Bands– Booty bands are my FAVORITE workout item. I use mine multiple times a week for everything from squats to different cardio moves. There are an abundance of pinterest and Youtube videos that show all of the best moves for your bands. The best part if they usually come with an easy band, medium and hard so you can really make your workout your own depending on how you are feeling.

10 // Vitamix (Splurge) or This (Save) Blender– I use my blender daily! I honestly don’t think you need a very expensive one to do the trick. I love making acai bowls, morning protein smoothies or even a smoothie meal replacement in mine.

11 // Splurge APL Sneakers– These have been on my wish list for forever! I love the style and that they are “tongueless” sneakers. They are a bit more than I would typically spend on a sneaker so I would probably treat them like my third child and never wear them outside!

12 // Wireless earbuds– I have yet to find a pair of wireless ear buds that I like but these look great! I love the color of them and that the Bluetooth portion of the wire is smaller. These Beats By Dr. Dre look really great too!

13 // New Sport Bras– Who doesn’t love new workout gear to get them in the mood for a good workout? I love wearing a pretty sports bra to yoga class under a class tank. I think if you feel good and look cute than you can’t go wrong!

Easy Weight Loss Breakfast Idea: Acai Bowl

This recipe is perfect for anyone who is busy! Just throw a few ingredients in the blender and go! BONUS: I have included a code for 3 FREE smoothies from Daily Harvest!

I’ve been buying açaí bowls from local specialty restaurants or from the grocery store for the last year. This is a perfect breakfast or lunch option for someone who is trying to lose weight. I love these bowls! They are packed full of goodness and you can really make it your own! One thing I don’t like? The cost & not knowing exactly what is going into what I’m eating. It adds up if you buy these a few times a week or even once a week so I figured why not start making my own?!

Whip up an easy breakfast to help lose weight! #weightloss #acaibowl #breakfastideas #fitfam

The only thing I had to buy for this was the açaí. A friend recommended this brand from amazon and I love it! It has zero sugar and it tastes amazing! It doesn’t take much either. I think what I ordered should last me a few months! For more healthy breakfast ideas you can click this link.

Here is the recipe I use for mine:

-1 tbsp of açaí (you can use less but I don’t recommend more)

-Vanilla protein powder (I love this brand or this one!)

-Splash of almond milk (or whatever milk you prefer)

-Handful of ice

-Half to whole banana (I happened to have a very ripe banana so I used it all)

-Feel free to add extras! Fresh blueberries, mango, pineapple, strawberries. Get adventurous.

Blend it UP!

Topping Ideas:

-Coconut, Cocoa nibbles, strawberries, blueberries, chia seed, granola, and more!

The possibilities are truly endless and it’s almost like a little smoothie in a bowl! So filling and full of so much goodness.

  • Easy Acai Bowl Recipe with BONUS code for free smoothies!

If you can’t make your own or don’t have the time (believe me I get it!) no worries! I have a coupon code to get your first THREE smoothies or bowls from Daily Harvest FREE! This is a great option for someone who works, a busy parent, or someone who just wants a healthy on the go option! They offer: smoothies, harvest bowls, soups, lattes, overnight oats, chia parfaits, and more. Use code: WITHLOVEMAMA on their website to get any of your first three choices free!