Tips for Keeping Our Homes Clean

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As Mom’s it can be extremely difficult to keep a clean home. Between kids running around, your significant other leaving things from room to room, toys never been picked up and those endless amounts of laundry and dishes in the sink…are you waving a white flag here? I totally understand and I am right there with you friends! It’s been a hot mess at my home for the last few months if I’m being honest. I was explaining this to a friend who said she actually was able to keep her home pretty tidy and clean ( especially when those unexpected guests decide to show up at the last minute ! ) and I had to know her secrets asap!

Here are a few fun tips to keep your home clean without even trying!

Start With A Cleaning Schedule : I love to make lists and better yet cross those items off the list when they are done. It can be anything from grocery list, packing for a trip or yes, even a cleaning schedule to stick too! It’s really important if you want to make your cleaning throughout your house as easy as possible and less of a hassle. If you work full time and don’t have a lot of time, try to do a few things over the weekend. The purpose of this schedule is to really give you tasks that you need to do for your home on a routine basis so you can get it done consistently. Once you have your schedule, it’ll be second nature to get dusting done, dishes put away and not feel so overwhelmed because you’re doing small things that add up!

Have Family Get Involved – As Mom’s I totally understand needing to take control over everything and getting it done your way. I’m the same way and like things to get accomplished asap. But I’m also super overwhelmed when it comes to trying to get it done in a timely fashion. So, my solution is get your family involved to help out! My kids love to get dust rags and dust the counter tops and wipe down the table after dinner. PERFECT. Our countertops are actually one of things I love best about our home, because we have such durable items. Where did we get such great countertops you’re wondering? Premier Surfaces Rochester Countertops! They offer so many varieties of different countertops to choose from including, granite, marble, lime and more. Their customer service is always one that leaves me with questions answered and feeling good about our decision.

Load Dishwasher ASAP – I realized one of the biggest chores I hated was running my dishwasher! I actually fill my dishwasher and run it overnight and then unload it right in the morning as my coffee is brewing. All my dishes are done and put away during the day and then it doesn’t pile up on the counters or my sink! IT seriously is a huge game changer in our home!

Make Your Bed As Soon As You Wake Up- Before I even leave my bedroom for the day, I always have to make my best. IF my bed is unmade it makes my entire room like untidy and clean and then makes my entire day feel off. It truly takes a few minutes to do it and can set the tone for the rest of your day. As soon as you wake up, you know you’ll be happy you did this!

Straighten As You Walk Around – This seems easy but if you see something that needs a quick tidying up, just do it right then and there. Walking from your kitchen to your bedroom, if you see a throw pillow, put it back on the couch and fluff it off before moving on. Try and find a few things to do before you reach your room. Suddenly you have more time because you’re picking up as you go and not all at once!

Those are just a few fun ideas that she had and I’ve actually been trying them the last few weeks! Guess what- it’s worked out amazing! Now I want to hear from you and how you try to keep your home as clean as possible ( or without even trying )! I bet we could help one another out with a few good cleaning tips and tricks!