2019 Goals

Setting Goals and Resolutions for 2019

I can’t believe that 2018 has come and gone and we are now nearly at the end of January! I can’t let this month escape me without sharing a few goals I have for myself this year. I prefer to set realistic goals for myself and very rarely set a “resolution”. In 2017 I set very attainable small goals regarding my post postpartum weight loss and I feel that is why I had success. I started out slow and steady and eventually would change different things (amount I worked out, my diet, adding more water, etc.). It can be hard and discouraging if you immediately set yourself up for failure.

Setting goals for the new year

OK, so let me get started. I am going to do a roundup of my top goals for this year, in no particular order.

  • Be a more patient mother. I get easily frustrated and I am working on this constantly.
  • Spend even more time working on my marriage. We actually did good at this in 2018. We traveled, went on dates or even planned things at home together. I want to keep working on this in 2019.
  • Consistently blog. I had a few months where I did good in 2018 but sometimes I just got lazy about this in all honestly. Balancing it all can be a challenge some days. I want to work on this and plan and prep content better. I am thinking of starting a “Friday Favorites” post to keep myself accountable.
  • Keep challenging myself creatively on my Instagram and continue growing my Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook audience.
  • Take time for self care daily. Meditation, exercise, a few quiet alone moments or even getting my nails done once a month make me feel like a new person. I’ve learned I need one on one time with myself to feel my best.

OK, so that is my start. I like to think of a year in quarters and adjust, add, amend as needed. I am always learning and growing as a person so I think my goals for the year need to reflect that. Happy 2019 everyone!!