Kalahari Resort: The Perfect Family Staycation

Planning a family trip? Kalahari makes the perfect family getaway!

We recently had the opportunity to be hosted by Kalahari Resorts in The Poconos and had the best time! This resort made the perfect “staycation” for us and it will for you as well. They have multiple resorts, all boasting HUGE indoor/outdoor water parks, throughout the country. The Poconos was only about 2.5 hours from our home and our kids are at the perfect age that the car ride wasn’t too bad.

We told the kids ahead of time that we were going and they could NOT have been more excited. You can read the post about our surprise Disney themed scavenger hunt HERE!  We loved getting the Kalahari Surprise Box in the mail; it really made the trip more special for them because they had such cute keepsakes!

I knew we wanted to arrive early on Sunday because we were only staying one night; I wanted to take FULL advantage of the water park both days. Kalahari is kind enough to let you use the park the day you check in starting at 9:30AM (check in is typically around 4PM) and you can also use the park the entire day of your checkout day as well!

The kids headed straight to the outdoor water park first. We were lucky enough to visit during “National Water Park” weekend and there were so many fun activities planned. Kalahari has amazing events planned year round; we just got lucky planning our visit during this time! You can find a full list of their daily offered events by heading to their website and entering in specific dates of your stay.

In addition to the water parks, Kellan & Marley loved the indoor bowling, the arcade, mini golf and all the food offered on the property. The property is huge and they even have a separate train ride you can book and an outdoor zip line course which I definitely want to check out on our next visit. There was honestly SO much to see and do that we did not have time to do it all. I can’t wait to go back and check out the outdoor mini golf that is being built, their spa and their fitness center!

We stayed in the “Desert Room” and it was perfect for the four of us. The couch pulled out to a bed and Kellan claimed that as his. We requested a crib for Marley and the staff kindly sent one right up to us. Everyone got a great night’s rest after the fun day at the water park.

One thing I felt that was nice about Kalahari for our children’s ages was that they offered many different water areas for younger children. In similar theme parks or water parks, younger children are typically only getting one area to play in. Not the case at Kalahari! We had PLENTY of areas, tons of open tables and lots of options if the kids grew bored on certain areas. I honestly think they could’ve spent an entire week at Kalahari and not grown bored. I loved that the property really thought of everything for families needs. There was shopping at our finger tips, plenty of breakfast, lunch and dinner options and even a spot to grab a treat when the day ended! We look forward to our next visit to Kalahari. We are hoping to make it a tradition with the kids and visit a few times a year because we had SO much fun.

Planning an end of summer trip? Kalahari Indoor Water Park makes the perfect family trip!


Why visiting LegoLand Florida is the Best with Toddlers

Why we loved visiting Leogland Florida with our Two Toddlers

*I received complimentary tickets to LegoLand Florida in exchange for my honest review.*

LEGOS! Who didn’t love Legos as a kid? I was SO into Legos and I knew the kids would be onboard for a theme park that was not only FULL of ALL things Lego but also has a water park! We loved adding this trip to Legoland to our Florida vacation. I can’t wait to share more photos below and some tips!

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First, I’ll say that when you book your Legoland tickets if you plan to travel during the warmer Florida months, BOOK THE WATER PARK TICKETS! After spending a hot day at Disney, we were all ready for some relief. The Legoland water park offered us just that! We spent so much time in the lazy river and splashing in the smaller splash pads. We ventured over to the bigger splash area at one point but my kids were still a little too young for it. They did love the boat launch area, this allows you to build your own Lego boat and then launch it down a water canal.

I really think paying that extra for the combo water park tickets is SO worth it. We spent a few hours doing rides in the morning then headed to the water park. Once we finished with the water park we went and did more rides. Kellan & Marley both loved the carousel, which greets you almost immediately once entering Legoland. They also loved looking at the Lego buildings, it was so impressive!

Visiting Legoland Florida

I was surprised by how quickly the lines moved at Legoland, This was key for us with the kids because we spent a lot of our trip waiting around in the hot sun elsewhere. Less wait and less crowds was much needed for us all. I love how close Legoland is to both hotel options as well. You can read in this post why we loved the Legoland Beach Retreat.

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A few things to note, there aren’t a ton (at least not that I saw) of food options. There are a few areas to grab a quick bite in the water park area but mostly just hot dogs or hamburgers. I’m extremely picky with food so I did find myself leaving a bit hungry, this was fine because I just went back and grabbed dinner at our hotel. I also made sure to pack a ton of snacks for myself and the kids which came in handy!

Also, Legoland is open from 10:00AM-7:00PM and the waterpark is open from 10:30AM-6:30PM. We found that some of the shops and restaurants in the park don’t open until 11AM or 12:00PM. This was plenty long enough for us and we actually ended up staying longer at this park than Disney.

All in all, we had the BEST time visiting Legoland and Florida! We can’t wait to go back.

Top 5 Must Have Items for Traveling with Kids

Some (not all) of these products were gifted to me in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. All thoughts are my own.

We recently got back from our Florida vacation! I am ready to go back already but I figured I would share my top 5 picks for traveling with two kids under 5 in the meantime. These simple items were all things I was glad I bought or prepared ahead of time. I’ll be sharing more of our vacation this month, with posts about our Disney trip and our experience at Legoland!

1.Dockatot and Travel bag- I’ve talked about why we love the Dockatot in this post and it proved to be amazing for traveling. We loved having Marley nap in the Dockatot and I really think she slept so well while traveling because of this comfort. The travel bag was amazing for keeping it clean during travel and it was easy to check. The straps were the perfect length to throw over our shoulder or carry by hand. Such a worthwhile investment if you plan to travel with your Dockatot. The additional carry bag is only $60 which I found more than reasonable. This will definitely not be our last time using this!

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2. Snacks- This one may seem simple but it was seriously KEY to our kids happiness while we were traveling. I over packed on snacks and I’m so glad I did. I also packed some small suckers for the kids on the plane and this helped with their ears. Some suggestions include- crackers, protein bars (we love this brand), fruit gummy snacks, and pretzels. Literally, our snacks went wherever we did (plane, restaurants, beach, and the amusement parks)

3.Penguino Travel Boxes- I let the kids open these special boxes before we left for vacation. The boxes were packed full of fun items to keep the kids busy while we were on the plane or eating at restaurants. We had everything from coloring and stickers to a small container of molding putty. Our kids loved the creative items included in their boxes and it was curated specifically for their age and gender.

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4.Cheap sippy cups- Before we left for vacation I stopped at target (obviously). I picked up two $3 sippy cups and told myself if we left them behind it was fine. I chose cups that had straws and were easy for us to pack, they also had a cute Disney character on each. The cups actually made it home with us! It was so nice to be able to pour juice or water in them to keep the kids hydrated in the hot Florida sun.

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5. TSA Pre-Check Boarding- If you have the extra funds for TSA pre-check I HIGHLY recommend it. It costs $85 a person and you just apply online and then go to your local airport to finish the registration. It is good for 5 years and kids under 13 fall under you so no need to sign them up separately. This cut down IMMENSELY on wait time for us at airports. Also it was amazing not having to take shoes off or electronics out of our bags. With two kids and plenty of bags and backpacks, this expense was well worth it. Especially if you are flying into or out of a very busy airport like Orlando International. I can’t tell you how glad we were that we took the time to apply for this.

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