Reducing Your “Cotton” Footprint

Talking about the importance of Earth Month and why I am choosing to embrace it with my children. #fashion #secondhandfirst #ThredUP
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Talking about the importance of Earth Month and why I am choosing to embrace it with my children. #fashion #secondhandfirst #ThredUP


We are well into April aka Earth Month! In life we often get so busy we forget about important things like doing what we can do to help reduce our carbon footprint. I know that as a mom, I want my children to grow up in a less polluted world. We are making sure to talk to our children often this month about what we can do to help keep our environment clean for them and for future generations!

Talking about the importance of Earth Month and why I am choosing to embrace it with my children. #fashion #secondhandfirst #ThredUP Talking about the importance of Earth Month and why I am choosing to embrace it with my children. #fashion #secondhandfirst #ThredUP Talking about the importance of Earth Month and why I am choosing to embrace it with my children. #fashion #secondhandfirst #ThredUP









One way I choose to help reduce my own carbon (or Cotton) footprint is to shop online, rather than at big box stores. ThredUP is a great place to start and get some shopping done if your looking for stylish eco-friendly looks for the family. I can buy for myself and my children while sitting in my home! Thus reducing my need for and dependence on fossil fuel.

Talking about the importance of Earth Month and why I am choosing to embrace it with my children. #fashion #secondhandfirst #ThredUP Talking about the importance of Earth Month and why I am choosing to embrace it with my children. #fashion #secondhandfirst #ThredUP

ThredUP is putting a focus on Earth Month with their Project Re:Made Tee-Shirt line. So what is this amazing line? It is Inspired by art that makes us rethink our views. Team ThredUP has commissioned 12 artists (whom they mostly found on Instagram!) to create artwork in response to the statement “Climate Change is Not Real”. The creations are a mix of cute, funny, ironic, and provocative tongue-in-cheek response to climate change denial. We then screen-printed the works onto secondhand white tees from our inventory and will be selling them starting on April 17th. All net proceeds benefit carbon offset non-profit Cool Effect who is fighting hard to reduce carbon pollution.

Interested in learning more about climate change and how you can help? Start by following these amazing Eco-Friendly Bloggers!

Saving Money On Your Health

The Benefits of Signing up for SingleCare Health Savings! #moneysaving #singlecare #healthsavings

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One thing I have really wanted to be better at this year is saving money. From trips to Target & Starbucks to our everyday household expenses, having a family with 2 young children can get expensive quickly! My husband and I like to feel like we have good financial stability and we are working toward a debt free life.

Saving Money On your Families Health with SingleCare

With that being said, I feel like one area that we are committed to saving on in 2018 is our family’s health expenses. We have all started eating healthier (which I firmly believes results in less trips to the doctor) and we are making preventative care a priority.

Another step we have taken, is singing up for SingleCare. SingleCare is a free service you can sign up for that offers savings on prescriptions, as well as dental, vision, and video doctor visits! It is ideal for those individuals who either do not have health insurance or who do but the cost of prescriptions or office visits is too high. SingleCare can offer significant discounts on your prescriptions. The best part is, it is completely FREE to sign up!

The sign up process was honestly so easy and seamless. I filled out a quick questionnaire with some of my basic information. From there I was able to immediately see what my family could be saving on routine care as well as on our monthly prescription costs. Boy was I surprised! We were paying almost double on certain prescriptions that I was able to get at a MUCH cheaper cost through SingleCare.

These health savings can really add up for a family. Money saved on things like vision appointments and trips to the dentist can be put toward more immediate expenses, savings, or even a fun trip for your family. It is amazing how much the little things really add up.

Saving Money On your Families Health with SingleCare

I loved that on SingleCare’s website I was able to enter my zip code and see what dentist’s I could visit and the approximate cost of what the visit would be. In fact, my own personal dentist even accepts SingleCare! I love that SingleCare also offers a payment plan option for those in need. Many of us have struggled financially from time to time, so it’s nice to know that you can still get the treatment you need without having to worry about big up front costs. You have the option to pay for your prescription over a 4, 8, or 12 week period of time at 0% interest. To do this all you need to do is visit and search for the drug you need to see if it is included in the program. From there, you can click on “Coupon + Financing” and choose the pharmacy you use.

The Benefits of Signing up for SingleCare Health Savings! #moneysaving #singlecare #healthsavings

If you are a family or even a couple that are just getting your feet on the ground, SingleCare is a fantastic money saving option. It is a completely free program that’s only goal is to help save the customer money. As a mom of two small kids, I am all for saving money on things like health care and putting it towards something long term like savings, or something fun like a family vacation!

Embrace Motherhood

Great suggestions on ways to "embrace motherhood" and important reminders for moms and moms to be! #motherhood #cakematernity


Discussing top ten reasons why we should embrace motherhood

Motherhood is a gift and should be embraced with
open arms. Everyone’s journey is different as we are
all blessed with unique children that both love and
will test us at times.
The key is to embrace every moment! Learn from
your mistakes and the mistakes of others to become
the best mother you can be, because before you know
it, they too will have left home and started on their
own life journey through adulthood.

1. Pick your words carefully: Words are very powerful. The things we say to our children hold meaning and will stay with them forever, especially if they are sensitive in nature.Take the time to sit down with your child and explain things as you would with an adult. Avoid loosing your temper and saying things that are hurtful and mean, in the spur of the moment.Words can either help to build up a person’s confidence or break them down.

2. Listen: Listen to your children and don’t dismiss them, even if you think what they are saying is trivial. Understanding their concerns and empowering them with knowledge will help to grow an emphatic, caring
person who is respectful of others.

3. Connect: Take time every day no matter how busy you are to connect with your children. Hug and kiss them and tell them just how much you love them everyday. As they grown older your connection will change; but the love will still remain.

4. Love: Love is powerful and makes us feel happy. Don’t take this for granted. A child’s love is unconditional and will fill your heart like no other love can.

5. Record memories: Capture your precious maternity and baby milestone photos. Store them in a special keepsake box that can be accessed easily. You will look back on them in years to come, and be thankful you took the time to take them.

Top Ten reasons why motherhood should be embracesd

6. Be present: We tend to get very busy in our day-to- day lives. It is very easy to walk around in your own bubble and to ignore those around us.Whether you are a stay-at- home mom or a working mom, make the point when you are at home to be present. Be patient, attentive and loving. Leave all the work
pressure at work and be there for your family.

7. Priorities: Learn to say no to others and make your family a priority.You will feel empowered and your family will love you for it.

8. Family time: Decide on activities you would like to do as a family and lock dates in to your calendar. Families that play together stick together.

9. Guilt: Most of us have to work and can not be their for our children all the time. Embrace the times you can be there and feel less guilty for the times you cannot. Do your best and keep the channels of communication open with your children. This way they will understand why you cannot attend and that it is not a choice made by you, but a commitment to work or another prior engagement.

10. Don’t compare: Spend less time comparing yourself with others and more time focused on what is important. You! Remember no one is perfect and we all make mistakes.

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