Turning 30!

Celebrating Turning 30 by Sharing 30 facts About Me!#turning30 #birthday #dirty30

In honor of turning 30 today I wanted to share a quick post about 30 fun facts about me! I’ve learned so much about myself in the last year and I can’t wait to see what my thirties have in store. They have tough shoes to fill because my twenties were pretty special.

#dirty30 #thirties #withlovemamablog

  1. I have Ophidiophobia and have since I was a child
  2. I graduated college with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Psychology of the Exceptional Child
  3. I got my first ER visit at age 23 when I sliced my finger open with a pizza cutter and required THREE whole stitches
  4. Bright light always makes me sneeze
  5. I am a birthday savant. I can pretty much always remember birthdays even after only being told once.
  6. Marley came so fast I had a completely un-medicated birth, I had ALL the plans for the epidural but she quickly let me know who is actually in charge.
  7. I hate grocery shopping & cooking
  8. The only condiment I like is hot sauce, is that considered a condiment?
  9. I am an extremely indecisive person
  10. My husband says I don’t like spontaneity, I am much more of a planner type A personality
  11. I am the worst at opening boxes and usually just rip them to shreds
  12. I avoid movie theaters at all costs
  13. My favorite drink is definitely Kombucha
  14. I drink 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar every morning
  15. I lived in Florida for three years and loved every sunshiney ounce of it!
  16. My favorite flower is a tulip
  17. I talk in my sleep all the time and my husband enjoys telling me all about the conversations we have
  18. I actually love running and hope to do more of it this year
  19. I’m a huge thrift store shopper. I love finding items at garage sales, antique shops and on Craigslist and making them my own!
  20. I don’t like driving, especially at night.
  21. My husband proof reads all of my blog posts and takes quite a few of my photos
  22. I’m actually a huge football fan and know quite a bit about it. I run a girl’s only fantasy football league in the fall.
  23. I was in ski club in high school, I still love to ski but don’t get the chance to much anymore
  24. I consider myself a multi-tasking queen
  25. Two decor items that I could never have enough of in my home is baskets and blankets!
  26. Celebrity Crush: Ryan Reynolds
  27. My first concert ever was Britney Spears and 98 degrees
  28. My hidden talent is being able to touch my tongue to my nose!
  29. My favorite show is Seinfeld and I’ve seen every episode multiple times
  30. I better be on a beach when the next 30 years roll around!!

Share something unique about yourself in the comments! Thanks for reading!